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Small Town Dusk

Small Town Dusk
P.O. Box 22
Leola PA
Booth: 1622

Company Description:

Small Town Dusk is a family run, veteran owned business located in Lancaster County, PA. We provide customers an alternative taper candle option that is safe, realistic, and flameless, while not compromising decorative design, ambiance or quality.

We use traditional techniques to create fun taper candles that come with a built-in battery operated LED flickering bulb on a timer, and are hand-dipped in real beeswax for a realistic look and feel. We have over 100 different decorative designs, making them not only great for any home décor, but also very giftable.

Our candles are proudly designed, hand-dipped, and packaged in the USA.

Show Specials:

Candles are $7 each or 3 for $18 during show dates.

New Products

We will have over 12 new designs since the 2022 show and also new taper holders and pip rings.

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