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Company Description:

Devotions is a family run, faith based business, inspired by Godly good smells. From your car to your work space; bathroom, to bedroom, shoe closet to the fur baby area; we have items to keep your world smelling divine. Devotions has been tinkered around with for over 15 years, with jobs, family, school, and … well.. life, it was given the attention it needed. A little here and a little there. trial & error (that still happen LOL), and next thing you know jobs are stable, kids are grown and it’s time for back burner ideas to take a front seat. Creating and testing products on friends and family led to selling to friends and family. Once shows started taking off it was more than one person could handle. I feel so blessed that my entire family has jumped in to help out in ways that suit their talents best, from production to packing to marketing. Teamwork has made this dream work !

New Products

All new Smelly Jelly refills for your jar.