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ck helen studio

ck helen studio
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Company Description:

A sustainable, repurposed, handmade home decor art studio. I specialize in seasonal decor made from repurposed bourbon barrels, sustainable decor products that are given a second life experience or are able to decompose easily. I am also a licensed craft vendor for “THE” Ohio state university. I pride myself in being sponsored by numerous distilleries for my cocktail smoking kit (ie: angels envy, Bulliet, uncle nearest, new riff, mammoth, cleveland whiskey, and many more). My shop is built on the memory of my Polish grandma Helen and how she always found a second use for many objects. I also find great purpose in preserving our planet and making sure my work has a small impact on our carbon footprint. I love what I do and sharing it with others.

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Block O sweatshirts, Cat kickers,

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